Cooperative Farming/Cluster Farming. Series 1

Why are the farmers in your vicinity not practising the improved farming system like you do?

Another participant had asked

Majority of farmers in my neighbourhood believe they have been in the system ever before I was born.

Infact, they actually inherit their current practise from their father who learnt from his own father who also adopted the method from his own father and the circle keep going

Who then are you, a book farmer, a city breed, to come and say this is not right


Rural farmers believe in the bigger the better.
They strive to have a large land mass which they cultivate using the same poor method of growing crops but expecting a bountiful yield

An elderly rural farmer once regaled me with the story of how they use to harvest plenty tomatoes from just a small portion of land in those days

But couldn’t understand how and why the yield keep reducing that they could barely get any harvest out of a large land space despite all the stress involved

Where do I start the climate change effect explaination from?


Rural farmers are so grateful and full of praises to the inventor of synthetic herbicides that saves them from manually weeding the farm.

True manually weeding need to be eradicated but herbicide use is not a substitute but simple farm implements for smallholder farmers

Unknown to smallholder farmer is the fact that the chemicals they use destroyed the soil nutrients that the plant is suppose to feed on to produce maximum fruits

The farmers did not also realise that the harmful and synthetic herbicides and pesticides that are indiscriminately been use on the farm are destroying the beneficial insects such as bees that would have greatly aid in pollination of flowers to increase farmers yield

How do one convince them of this?


Sincerely it’s a tough job out here

Yinka Adesola

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