Farmers Need For Better Life

Dear governments, senators, house of representatives members, banks, NGOs, Organisations etc.

We association of rural and small holder farmers appreciate that you want to empower us to do better in our field as your contribution while in office

We sincerely appreciate the gift of cash, knapsack sprayers, bag of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides etc..

However we would prefer you use this fund to set up processing factories of different farm commodities in the location where they are grown

When you share this gifts, not every farmer have access to it. Especially when it’s shared base on political party affiliations

But if it’s a mini corn processing or grinding factory that is established in a specific area, every farmer in the community will benefit from it.

Do you know several communities in the southwest stop growing rice because they do not have access to rice threshers.

Off course they can not afford to buy it

Imagine a farmer with 100 acres that require 20 carton of herbicide but will be given one litre of herbicide at the beginning of planting season because he is a PDPAPC member

It make no difference to him.

Whether you give the cash or not, every farmer will find a way to cultivate their crop.

The erroneous believe is that farmers always need cash and farm inputs.

Sure we do.
But we can source all this for ourselves.

However, farmers find it extremely difficult in accessing processors and buyers for their produce

There are some processors but they are far away from the production area.

The cost of transporting bulk produce from the village side to the city where the factories are located is a big discouragement

The lamentation of every farmer is getting good price for their produce

The best way to do this if the processors is closer to the production area

Like earlier said, we do appreciate the gift items but we hope to gladly exchange it with processing facilities

Thank you

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