Marketing Your Farm Produce

Direct selling as the best form of marketing.Selling directly your farm produce allows you recover the profit commonly scooped up by distributors and wholesalers.I once took tomatoes to mile 12. The Hausa agent told me someone is buying the 20 baskets at N8,000 but I will have to go and come back for the money.Hmnnnn.So I left their presence but went to other side of the market to just see how the market work.That was how I stumbled on where the same basket is selling for N12,000..Yeah.The food markets and grocery stores take a cut between 35% and 50% of the selling price.The distributor which transport and handles the product takes another 15% to 25%.So for a vegetable that sells for N200 in the store, the vegetable farmers selling through conventional distribution channels makes about N65.This means if the grower did not participate in selling, he or she is missing out on two thirds of the value of his product.

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