On Rain Harvesting

Someone asked

How big would be a reservoir meant to harvest rain water?

How much water can it actually store?

Can the stored water last long before it is used up in the dry season?.


In my search for more information on rain harvesting, I came across an organisation that specialises in that.

Luckily enough they are located in Ghana.
I sent them an email which they responded to

Their work do not extend to Nigeria but sent to me some documents and information that could help me set up one

From there I was linked to a farmer that has constructed a rain harvester on his land.

He digged a 100m X 100m X 2m land space, that’s an hectares size to store water in rainy season which he used to grow crop on 6 hectares of land in the dry season

With my current experience on dry season farming, maintaining an hectares or two hectares in dry season is a great achievements.

I hope I answered some of the questions

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