The 6 Months Pawpaw Maturity

Facebook brought back my pawpaw picture of some years back and where someone ask me if the picture is real.I had bought 5 seedlings of this pawpaw from one of my oga that is currently an East West Seed representative in NigeriaThe seedling travelled down all the way from Kaduna to land in Ago Amodu.I dashed out one seedling while I took good care of the remaining 4.That should be about 4 years agoI remember some of the other farmers telling me it will not survive.Maybe that’s why I took extra care of it
They all survivedAs I write, I still have last man standing of the pawpaw on the farm which is now very tallI bought another set of seedling after that but it did not survive a week on the farmI have tried nursing some seed myself but realise I am not good at that. They always never surviveCurrently I got another seedling set as gift from agritropicI am taking absolute care of them and I hope they blessed me with their fruitfulness in the next few monthsGetting good crop require extra maintainance culture
That’s what I have learnt over time on the farm

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