The Coca Cola addict

My customer sell 50cl coke bottle to me fo N120

I did not really mind until I noticed she sell for every other person for N100

Maybe some mistake
I thought

So I took my time to send different people

She sell to them at normal price if they did not mention my name but N120 if my name was mentioned

So I send someone as usual today and she deducted N120 as usual

I went to her shop to request for my N20

Why would you be selling for me at N120 while other people buy at N100

She couldn’t give me any excuse

Why do I have to pay extra?
Do I have 2 heads?
Or whatever is my crime?

Anyway I collected the N20 back
The next one I got for N100

The above scenario is what you get on every purchase you make when you newly get to a place

Price of every commodity, tools or material get inflated.

It’s worst in the rural side cause they believe you have come with some stolen government fund

And they keep overcharging you to cut their share

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