The Cooperative

2013 I co founded a cooperative at Abeokuta.It was meant to be registered as a farmers cooperative.But eventually entrepreneur youthI so love farming and believe that everyone should farm to eradicate povertyI called on people to invest on a cassava project and I promised every investor 100% return on their investment.People contributedA 20 hectare farmLosing money was an understatement
I became so indebtedPeople moneyI couldn’t even recover the invested fund not to talk of giving them returns on investmentI have shared the story several times……………………2016I had an issue with the water borehole on the farm.I pleaded online that people should borrow me money and I will return with 50%I am still thriving to pay back……………….2017
I thought I have garnered enough experience on the farm and only need some fund to invest and expand.I put a called out to investors for an acre pepper farm with the promise of 60% interestSome people invested, I couldn’t recover the money from the project……………..I spoke to myselfNo more investmentFor everyone that I have messed their fund in the name of investment, not a penny will I not pay back for as long as I breatheSo I need not incurred more debt in the name of farm investmentTherefore I have been telling everyone that called me to invest that we don’t have investment project at the momentWho knowsMaybe when I have make so much from doing it right
………………2018I have never and has never asked anyone to come invest on the farm cause I realise so many things are not predictable on the farm.Rather I have been asking people to farm for them selves2018
I initiate a cluster system of farming
I called it 1000 farmer with 1000 acres* I give you land to practise for a year free
* You manage the farm for yourself
* You must have attended minimum of 3 months training
* I offered technical support for whoever have interestThe first batch of clustered farming started by March ending 2018That’s after the participants has completed their 3 months trainingI requested for a commitment fee of N20,000 for anyone that want to participateEvery other expenses as regard the cluster project I am responsible for.Hence we have cluster 1
The owners of the farm manage their farm from the begining to the end.My team and first cluster 1 has an arrangement of sharing the harvest proceed 50/50On the first cluster are 5 people working with 50 beds….………………………….The second and 3rd cluster took off by the end of May 2018The participants finished their training by May endingThe second cluster committed more fund to their project than the first cluster.That’s because they want more share out of their farm proceeds.The sharing of proceeds changed with the second clusterOn the second cluster are 3 people working with 50 beds
………………………….The 3rd cluster was a sole owner
He had send down his representative who participated in the 3 months training that ended in MayOne person could not possibly manage the farm so he was advised to get more peopleI put it across to all the participants
Two people indicate interest to work with cluster 3The cluster 3 farm manager + 2 other people were working on 50 beds in cluster 3The owner took all the financial responsibility of cluster 3The owner also has arrangement withe the people working on the cluster to share the proceed with themMy team has no financial expectation from cluster 3.
…………………There are numerous advantage with cluster farm system* The owner knows everyday activities on his farm* The network can easily access and negotiate market* Transportation can be easily coordinated* Some farm equipments can be source jointly* One can easily correct each other’s mistake* Mismanagement can be checked or put under controlThe above reason and more is why I have been advocating for cluster farming which so far is still the best method

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