The Petition To EFCC

Please I plead that no insult be use here.

I am writing cause I know everyone is eager to know what business can I possibly have with EFCC.

Yinka, the farmer + EFCC
Yinka, the village farmer does not rhyme with EFCC

My thought too initially

Someone (which i know ) had petition EFCC to investigate me that I took money from him but scammed with vegetable project

EFCC official called me on phone with the intention to invite me for questioning

But the village farmer that I am did not listen to what the person on the line want to say before saying “wrong no” immediately I hear EFCC

I cant actually remember when the call came in. But I am not putting it pass myself to do so

What could I possibly have with EFCC? Would have been the first instinct

Why would they be looking for me?
What business could I have gotten myself in?

Honestly I never would have considered it for a second that EFCC is reaching out to me

I just assume it’s one of those calls claiming who they are not

Possibly the best way to reach across to me for the invitation was blocked by my response.of wrong number

Several months after, they declared me wanted through my bank account which I did not get to know until yesterday


The arrest

Sometimes last week, I discovered I couldn’t recharge my phone from my bank.

I tried it several times but no way.
I called other people’s attention.

We agreed possibly network cause we battle with that a lot on the farm

I keep on making attempt to recharge.
But all to no avail

Then I need to make some withdrawal. I gave someone my ATM to get money at the POS.

They came back to report no network

I still tried the recharging again but still couldn’t recharge from my bank.

What could be wrong with my bank?
Why can’t I do any transaction?

May be I should get to the bank at Saki to check what the issue is with the account

There is no bank in my place

On Tuesday, which was yesterday, I went to Saki as early as possible so I could rush back to farm for the day’s work

I was at the bank by 7:45. Actually I was the first person to enter the bank that morning

I went straight to the customer care desk
I gave them my account details

He checked and checked then looked up
Yinka Adesola…

Yes. I answered

He went away for some minute. Come back
I noticed it was getting so long so I asked, “Is everything okay”?

Sorry madam, Just that the server is taking some time.
I continued playing with my phone

I am here to rectify my account. I won’t mind whatever it take

Some minutes later.
He refered me to another officer

Are Mercy Yinka Adesola?
He asked

Yes I am. I answered

He checked or pretend to check again
Then said you might need to see the bank manager

Hope there is no problem

Not at all
This way

I cheerfully followed
What has my account got to do with the bank manager? I thought within.
But shrugged it off

I was offered a seat
And then some other people came in with the bank security.

Funnily I did not even bothered to look up until I heard
” Madam you are under arrest from EFCC

I repeated

My brain was rejigged
I went into trance

EFCC is meant for criminals
When did I become criminal?
How did I become criminal

Did I do wire fraud that I did not know?
Did someone use my account that I did not know?
One million and one thought raised through my mind

What for?
I asked when I finally find my voice

Please can you kindly follow the police man here to their office

As if I have a choice not to follow

Did EFCC have an office here in Saki
I asked

Please they are waiting for you.

I followed the police officer like a Zombie to the station at Saki
I was offered a seat behind the counter.


Lesson I have learnt from this section

* It’s good to listen before dismissing any call or anyone. It could be very important

Agreed there are scammers, but one still need to pay attention

* We should take time to find out things if they are real.

* We should also have an open mind and disposition

I could have easily make contact or go to EFCC office to find out if actually EFCC is looking for me.

Going to find out might be very difficult for most of us cause of the mindset we have toward EFCC

I wouldn’t have been arrested like a criminal if I have listen to the all and also take the step to find out if it’s the real EFCC looking for me or the scam one


The Police Station

To be continued

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