The Police Station

They got the EFCC letter and contacted the officer in charge at Ibadan. The police told me EFCC will make arrangement to come pick me.

From where?

I thought

The distance
The arrangement
The time

I automatically assumed I should just start making myself comfortable.

A police officer that just came in asked what I did from his colleague.

In a very hushed tone..
She said

Mogbe Modaran

I got scared

Did they use my account for fraudulent transactions that I did not know off?

I am so scared of internet that I don’t do transactions online. Any message from the bank is deleted immediately

Took convincing that it’s safe before I started using mobile apps

I am the original village farmer


Personally I know I did not do anything or did not expect I could have issue with EFCC
But only me can testify to that
But then it seem I am in for a difficult ride

What if I just disappeared?
What if they collect my phone’s being a suspected criminal

It’s better I let people know my whereabouts
I called the guy that brought me to Saki
He did not pick at that moment

Possibly he is in class for lecture
He was going to school when I joined him to Saki with the arrangement he will pick me when we are both thru with whatever

I posted online

I don dey under arrest ooo
I am at Saki station

Then came the barrage of concerns
The calls
The messages
The fear of EFCC

The police did not know my offence

An officer asked me what I do

The shock as always when I say farming coupled with having case with EFCC

Do you do online transactions?

I could say yes and I am still trying to say no

With Yes
To recharge my phone’s if that is transaction

With No

I am so scared of transactions that I will check what I need to buy online but can’t bring myself to register to AliExpress and the likes

So I will just look am go
Still come back another day to check price list again

Just so I don’t go press one button like that

Then it click

I have been to EFCC office at Ibadan before.
Sometimes last year to deliver “How To Farm Profitably In Nigeria”

Ohhhh my God
Then another rethink

*Should I call?
Should I not?

I was confused

*Try now, Try

What if..
*What if what

I make the call.
No response


I couldn’t call again

I tried sending message
I drafted the message, I delete it
I start again, I don’t know what to write

I am still battling with the phone when she called back.
I explained my situation

She said she will be back.
She was my saviour

That was when I know that I have been called to be invited but I didn’t even listen before saying wrong no.

I was given the option that the EFCC come and pick me at the station in Saki or I should be released to come immediately to the office

I was taken to the DPO
A surety, someone I know in Saki stood in for me at the police station

Before then, the little big guy that we came to Saki together in the morning has called me back

I am at the police station.

When he came

He called
I describe the side of the station where I am

I won’t be allow to come out

Saw me sitting behind the counter
He was shivering

My first time behind the counter too

I have to calm him down that I will be fine
Despite having my own fears

I was eventually released
To report to Ibadan tomorrow morning

I tried to leave for Ibadan that evening
So I could be at EFCC office in the morning

But the commercial vehicles in our side only move out in the morning, get to Ibadan by noon and by evening they are back in the community

It’s 4-5hours drive from Saki to Ibadan. Though it’s not meant to be more than 3hours if the road are good

I eventually move by the next morning


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