The spate Of South West Farmers

On our way to farm today, the discussion centred around several uncultivated vegetation in the South West region.

People use to have the bellieve that the Northerners will suffer incase Nigeria choose to break up because they do not have natural resources.

Let me tell you a story I once heard..
A prophet or do I say a sooth sayer foretold the future of two young guys.

To the first, he said…..

Your future is bright….
You will be extremely rich….
You will have plenty houses, cars and live in abundance.
You are Gods favourite.

To the second guy, he shook his head and said…

I see doomsday ahead..
You will live a pauper..
Your will be servant to your mates…

And he left.

My destiny will made me a rich man. Why do I need to toil again.

Thought the first guy.
And he relaxed waiting for his destiny to manifest in the future.

I better buckle my belt.

Even if i am never going to be rich. I can as well strive so hard that the people that I will beg from will so have pity on me to give me.

The second guy thinking so he not only doubled his effort but quadruple it.

I am sure you can alll guess what the future will be for the two guys.

That parable is compared to the Northern and the Southern part of Nigeria

The northerners has little or no natural resources so they face agriculture like there will be no tomorrow.

Despite that they have just few rain, they create several dams to do Irrigation farming

The soil are not good but they work around it by coming to the South West to buy the waste generated from our poultry in order to build the soil

They feed the whole of Nigeria.

Did you remember what happened some years back when the transporters refused to bring food produce in protest of police extortion on the road?

They dictate the market.
Their supply determine the price of food

And then to imagine the South West where we have more rainfall, better soil structure and the greenest vegetation to produce food.

Several percentage of our youths are roaming the streets in search of none available job.

Do you know every government workers in the North has a farm?


Almost everyone supplements their salary with the farm resources and income.

Dams in the North are fully utilised.

I ininitially use to think that our soil in the SouthWest can not grow some specific vegetables until I started experimenting with them.

A small community in the North will work together to produce several trailers of a specific crop.

Each community have specialised on 2 or more type of crops that they regularly produce.

You see how the tide turn.
Hard work overtakes talents when talents is not working..

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