Let’s do the maths…
Lekki to Iyana-Ipaja = N500

4,4,4,4,2 Arrangement = 18 Passengers

Gross Revenue per Trip = N9,000

NURTW + Area Boy Charge = N2,000
Fuel = N1,000

Net Revenue per Trip = N 6,000.

Now, let’s say the driver is able to do 3 Return Journeys (6 Trips) daily = N6,000 x 6 = N36,000 per day

N36,000 x 30 Days = N1,080,000 Monthly =
N12,960,000 every year!

This is why after 3 years, he will contest Local Government Chairmanship, win it, collect more money, enter State House, collect even more, settle in Senate!

Dear Graduate, NO JOB is beneath you.

As far as you work diligently, you will stand before kings.

Can you now see why we have touts leading us?

Being a graduate doesn’t guarantee wealth, for you to be rich you have to apply what you’ve not been taught in school to get rich.

You must start somewhere.
Start with something small today and be glad you did

Through Alby Alby

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