Is Dangote Richer Than Nigeria?

Se Dangote lowo ju Nigeria lo ni?

He asked

Is Dangote richer than Nigeria?

Why did you ask?

I replied

Dangote is building the supposed largest refinery in Africa while the country(Nigeria) has no functional refinery of her own.
He said


Also Dangote is repairing some roads while Nigeria pays back installmentally


I exclaimed

Ko ye emi na ooo
I am lost too ooo

I don’t understand how the system work

And this one that they locked the border, are you sure it’s not because of Dangote?

Honestly I am confused.
I told him

But why did you think so?

Remember how he crashed the price of cement to send every other competitors out.

Yes. I remember
That time cement bag was selling for N1,000

But you know it did not sell like that for long?

Yes.. I know

The price increases once the competitors are out

Ever hear of Elephant cement and the likes again?

Only Dangote cements exist in Nigeria

Otoo ni ooo
It’s true ooo

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