Travelling from Saki to Ibadan on a good road shouldn’t take more than 2.5-3hours.

That’s if the road is good with what I can describe as massive well, fully and potholes scattered all around.

Hardly can one move an inch without the gbara gburu gbara of a vehicle juggling

That’s also if there are no multiple police spots where the driver stop to drop N100

Imagine having 10 police spots from Iseyin – Ibadan road, a 50km stretch of road

However this road have been costing every traveller a whooping 4 – 5hours travelling time

We really appreciate the quick response of the government to quickly finding a palliative measure to the very bad part of Moniya at Akinyele LGA on that same road

We were really short of words and quite astonished.

But then we will appreciate if the road get fixed to reduce the unproductive man hour period spent on that road

The Moniya – Iseyin – Saki road is a commercial hub. It can be termed the food hub of Oyo State.

A lot of food stuff are daily moved out from those axis to the city.

The drivers are charging so much for transporting this goods because of the bad roads that daily spoilt their vehicle parts and the police terrorising them on the road

The cost are definitely passed on to the farmers when buyers find it difficult coming around and the few that survive will offered low prices for farmers produce

With the road in good shape, the commercial activities in that axis will be boosted and several lives will be touched through job creation

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