The Nigerian Commercial Driver

The driver was very rough with the steering.At some point he was running from the police ( avoiding their daily contribution), he nearly throw us into a ditch while battling with a trailer with container loadEveryone then shouted at another nearly missed accident.And then the driver started shouting.Get down, get down.
Who ever is not satisfied should take his money and get downTo my greatest surprise everyone in the vehicle just kept quiet except meWhatttttSuprisingly they start begging on my behalfIt was shocking
I took time to absorbed that then face the driver.* Take me back at the park so I joined another vehicle.
I told himTake your money and get down* You dont want to try me. I said
Turn this vehicle back to the motor park.
And sure, I will joined anotherIf you move an inch
There will be problemThat was when the co passengers started begging me to let goThe driver eventually apologise.Sure the road is bad
But we have been managing it like that with one been a bit careful.
………………………We continued
At a central place in town, the driver parked that he want to visit the toilet.Waiting for him, the other passengers, mostly ladies wanted to ease themselves but could not do so at the open place.They were discussing that the driver has to stop for them at the road side so they could ease themselvesThey told the driver when he came and he told them he is not stopping anywhereEverybody want to ease themselves ooo
He insisted he is not stoppingThey turned to me expecting me to voice out but no I am not getting involve.We move for almost an hour untill someone that was really pressed start begging the driverEjo sir
Ilera lagba
EtcHe eventually stopped
And virtually everybody in the bus went down

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