The Prisoners In Nigeria Prison

Finding my way through to EFCC office Ibadan earlier in the week, we came across some people begging for money.

It seem they are working outside some buildings in what I will term some Government Reservation Area (GRA)

They were in uniform.

Who are they? I asked the bike man


Ohhhhh.. I exclaimed

I don’t need to ask any question again

But then

Prison are suppose to be a rehabilitation centre

There are two things that came to my mind
It’s either the prisoners are not well fed and they are truly hungry or possibly they are just taking advantage of the passerby

Sure I understand they are brought out to do some work

And this mostly are the ones that have limited years to spend

But how will they survive in this our Naija when they get out?

It’s been observed that most ex-convincts always go back to crime after they are released because they find it difficult absorbing back into the system

I could be wrong though

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