Livestock Production

By 2020, my team will be adding livestock to our range of agribusiness for the following reason* To produce organic manure for the plantI have learnt practically that there is nothing that plant love most than the natural nutrient supplied from animal waste.Currently it cost a fortune sourcing 30 tonnes of dried poultry waste to feed an acre of landChickens, guinea fowl, goat, cow, rabbits, pig etc are great source for farmer to produce their own natural fertilizerThe advantages is beyond what I can explained in few minutes* Generate our own electricity using biodigesterLivestock waste is an essential components of a biodigester which in turn generate gas for generator supplyI have read so much about the biodigester that I am convinced it’s a good one to invest in to reduce cost of production.It was fun and great surprise to know that several other African countries have been using alternative source of power supply rather than waiting for the national grid.The above two point is a great motivation for me to venture into livestock.Every other benefits can follow afterDreams are achievable
Integrated farming is bae#farmvilla

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