#Marketing #Strategy For #Smallholders

Every market day is always a tug of war.

The delivery money is never complete even when you measured and know the content you are sending to the market

I understand every other #farmer don’t go to farm on market days. They are in the market to monitor and sell their farm #produce

The produce are dropped at the market agent store. The farmer or the farmers wife sit down to count one by one how many bowls is measured.

I thought I could trust the market agent. So I have always been sending produce to the market

Sometimes I will measure 10 bowls they will return money for 8bowls. Those ones are fair enough

But then I measured 23 bowls one time. They send back money for 13 bowls.

I went there to complain.
She promise she will sort it out
Money has entered voice mail

The one or two bowls I don’t complain about but today was exceptional

We measured 21 bowls.
They sold 5 bowls
Return 5 bowls

I was forced to go complain

And I already made up my mind that I am either changing the agent or get a stall in the market to sell by myself.

When I discussed with someone that I am getting a place in the market to put someone there to sell for me.

” They will not allow you. He said

Who? I asked

The agents
They will insist an agent must sell for you or you joined their group

Which group?

Pepper sellers

What of those Hausa guys that sell pepper and tomato in the market at some other time?

Which group did they belong to?

He said none
But they will ask them to pay some fee.

I am willing to pay any fee
I am sure getting a spot in the market

I requested he direct me to one woman that I had always know in the market when I first got to the community

He exclaimed
That one is worst than this one you are rejecting

Don’t worry.
You just take me to her house

We did not meet her at home

I mentioned another name again
We headed to that place

Lucky me
We met the other woman.

She is one of the market agent too
She is always very receptive

Ekasan mummy
Ejo mo fe bere nkan kan ni
Awon wo lo man fun yan ni iso ni oja

“Good afternoon ma
Please I need some information
Who are the people incharge of market allocation?

That’s Alaga Oja (market chairman)

And she described his place to the person that lead me there

Bi elo ni won ngba aye
“Please how much is the spot.
I asked her before leaving

It’s N1,000

Okay ma
Adupe ma

Straight to Market Chairman’s place
Still my lucky day
He was just getting home from somewhere

I greeted
And make my request

What do you want to be selling?
I am asking because there are specific location for different produce. He said

Fruits and vegetables
Cucumber, Pepper, Tomato etc

Let’s meet on the market day
You will definitely get a place
You can sell anything you want
Cause you might still want to add some other things

Bi elo ni Kim ma wa bayi?
Like how much will it cost me?
I asked again

Its not something much
It’s N1,000

Adupe sir

Which community are you coming from?

Ago Amodu

You are the woman I have been hearing about
He exclaimed

They said there is one woman planting variety of things at Ago Amodu

Glad I finally meet you

Adupe sir
I said

Infact the Lagosians coming to the market will patronise you

Thank you sir

Then we are on our way back to Ago Amodu

You finally work out a solution
They pushed you to the wall
The person that took me there said

Funny enough he is the same person that is skeptical that they will not allow me to sell


Lesson learnt

* Don’t ever give up

* Don’t let any one discourage you from pursuing to logical reason what you are convinced about


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