#Sheabutter Making #Process

Not until I get to Ago Amodu some years back that I develop interest in sheabutter processSure I know “Ori” as that thing used for massaging broken bones but nothing else againAt Ago Amodu, I saw the Shea tree. Women wake up as early as 4am to go pick sheanut when it’s in seasonSheatree takes almost 20 years from its planting day before it start fruiting.Sheanut has a specific belt where it grows.
It’s called sheanut belt
It cut across several countries in AfricaThe harvesting of the fruit is once in a yearThe processing is done manually
It’s such a tedious workI learnt there is a processing machine for it in the United state. But unfortunately they don’t have sheanuts tree.It has refused to grow in their regionAt Ago Amodu, I learnt the processing
Picture below are my learning class back thenIt was at Ago Amodu that I know sheabutter is edible
We use it to cook vegetable ( efo riro)
We use it to fry yam
They used it in cooking jollof rice
It’s low cholesterolSeveral household were initially using it but it has been replaced with other vegetable oil cause they think it’s poverty that makes the older generation eat sheabutterSheabutter is therefore restrict for cooking whenever the other vegetable oil are quite expensiveFunny enough sheabutter is currently being use in the making of chocolate.Sheabutter is used as substitute for cocoa butterSo you automatically eat sheabutter whenever you take chocolatesI hope that is not poverty shaaaWe always don’t value our own until someone tell us it’s goodSheabutter has many beneficial advantage
It’s used to remove black spot and blemishes on skin
It’s found in every of our body cream and hair creamI package and sell sheabutter
I have been doing this ever since I discovered sheabutter
It gives me alternative source of income
It’s been a great blessing to me and my pocketSheabutter is highly recommended for baby cream
You don’t need to mix it with anything
It’s soothes the bodyLots and lots of benefits
Our land is filled with oppourtunities#sheabutter

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