Unsolicited Business Offering

Now the part I don’t like is people that think offering me to be part of their project should suffice when I ask for my consultation fee.What exactly make you think I should have interest in your project or what makes you feel your project is worth enticing me with?My time
My data
My intellect
My expertiseThey don’t sure come cheapMany people are looking for free consultation especially when it come to agribusinessUnfortunately they all end up losing their hard earned money cause they fail to sacrifice for the basicsRead every book you can on agriculture…
Attend every online or projector training that has ever existed…Without practical knowledge you are sending your fund down the drainPut aside some percentage of fund to acquire the basic practical facts.Agriculture is never 1 + 1 = 2 or 100.
There are several 100 + 100 = noughtLearn from a practical source
I refuse to do online trainings cause I know it’s never going to be sufficient.Why did you think most people with millions run into agriculture and fly out withing a year?Because they thought they have the financeLearning is sure expensive
Spare some fund to consult with the people in the field#farmingisbae

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