Recapturing To Move Forward

Where have I gone wrong?
What is it that make that project fail?
What should I have don better?
What can I improve on to make it better?I love reviewing my work at every stage
I always take time to know where the whole system went wrongI also love to go over the system practising my new understanding of getting it rightIt takes time for me to give up
I love experimenting with every available AvenueA neighbour refered to my farm as experimental farm because I am always experimenting with one crop or the otherSometimes they believe I work with some research institution for they could not believe why someone could be pampering crop as suchFarming profitably on a small space is my target.
I have been working at this for years
I have incorporated every system that will make the farm sustainableI have limited and restricted my work to not using synthethic materials to a great dealMy passion for sustainability on the farm is great
I am looking at a future where my farm will be a reference point to any one that is looking to farm profitablyA farm resort centre
Saving grace for smallholder farmers
Making agribusiness work in NigeriaIt’s not a days jobI am getting towards there gradually
And I can’t wait to get there

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