Soil Management In Crop Production

If you have been following my write ups, then you know I have always emphasis on soil management..My first attempt at farming apart from following my grandfather to farm was a cassava group project.Before coming to farm, I had researched everything necessary on cassava.Every possible item on internet I have scraped throughThe yield per hectare…The quantity of stem…The quantity of fertilizers etc..In some internet papers…. one come across 30 tonnes per hectare, some put 25 tonnes while I have met the ones of 90 tonnes per hectare.One very vital point they all forget to mention is the quality of the soil.Meanwhile soil is the foundation on which your crop develop.The soil gives you back what you feed into the soilBut I am using fertilizer ?
Some people will ask.At birth, mothers are given hospitals visits at intervals.Some at one months, two months and some 6 months…Different types of treatment are given the child to aid the proper growthSome children that misses some of their immunisation schedule might have some form of deformity or the other.Still some that did not go through the immunisation process might be stronger than those that complete their doseHave you also wondered what would have happens to those that take immunisation and are still not very strong?Your crops are babies.The more you take care of them the stronger they become though there might be some exceptions.There are several type of soil.
Sandy, loamy, clayey, etc.Every soil can be used for planting provided they are well treated to be rich in organic contentSoil management is highly recommended as the first step to having bountiful harvest from the farmHow are you treating yours?

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