20 Hectares Tomato Farm

Someone called today after reading my blog where I wrote that Maxim tomatoes can yield 70 tonnes from an acre of land.

He is searching for that maxim seed.

I gave him the contact of where to purchase the seed but I did not forget to sound a warning note that seed alone does not make a good yield

He paused.

I want to plant 20 hectares.

He continued

“Have you planted before? I asked

No. I have not.

But I have Farmers that will plant it for me.

He informed me

“I wish you the best of luck” I said

You seem reserved..

Please share your opinion with me. He pleaded

“20 hectares of tomatoes is a No No for me. I said

I have been on the farm for almost 5 years and I would never dream of cultivating 20 hectares of tomatoes

Tomato is one of the most delicate vegetable to grow.

It’s sad that people run to farm based on internet information and calculation.

Years after years, billions of naira are lost to trial and error farming due to wrong information.

How can you invest so much without adequate plan?

I keep shouting and will always shout that farming is not abracadabra.

Take time to learn the basic.
Take time to understand it
Save yourself the stress
Save yourself the loss of fund

Yinka Adesola


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