Fluctuation In Market Price

The same basket of vegetable that was sold to customer A in the morning for 4,000 per basket could be gotten by customer B for 8,000 towards evening time of the same day.

This could also be vice versa.

Fluctuations in price are greatly influence by
1. Demand and supply of product
2. Different season of the year
1. Demand and supply theory

During festive period, prices of vegetable increase astronomically.This is because every home must one way or the other make a special delicacies that requires vegetables.2. Different season of the year
We have 2 seasons in Nigeria.
Rainy season and
Dry season1. Rainy Season: Initially April – October (7 months
Recently Middle of May – October (5.5 Months)Could be attributed to climate change
Coastal areas do have longer period of rain e:g LagosMost farmers in Nigeria depends on rain for their crops.We can assume 80% of vegetable farmers also take advantage of the rain to cultivate their crops.This automatically leads to more vegetables in the markets at that particular season.
NoteMost vegetables takes between 4weeks to 3 months from planting to harvest.If the early rainfall were use to plant, that means the earliest time that vegetables will be abundantly available in the market is after 4 weeks for shorter maturing ones and 3 months for the longer duration vegetables.That’s why vegetables could still be expensive for the first 3 months of rainfall.2. Dry season: Initially October – March (6 months)
Recently. November – May (7 months)Most farming activities in Nigeria remain dormants during the dry season since there is no rainfall.So once the vegetables farmed during rainy period has been exhausted, the prices of vegetables begins to rise because of great reduction in supply

Hence to maximize the market, vegetable farmers need to adopt planting all through the year.

” I have not been able to sell the one at hand you are asking me to plant throughout the year”
Yes. I know.
My suggestion:
Planting all year round means a farmer can sell at all times and the peak and the low price period can actually favour you.
How? You ask me!
“A farmer will still make some profit no matter how small it may be during the low period”
” The peak period sale would fetch in maximum profit to Subsidize the low period”
Back to basic.
The current vegetables you have at hand is what we are offering you direct link to market to sell.
“So why all the epistles”?
It will be easy for us to relate with the market, pricing, seasons etc if we understand how it works.
To cut it short:
What all the grammars has been about is;
“There is market for your products all year round but price fluctuate in relationship with season and demand”

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