NPK Fertilizer Application.

The above topic formed the basis of our discussion during one of our practical class on the farm sometimes last week.Sometimes in 2014 or 2015, I am not sure of the exact year, I have bought several bags of subsidised fertilizer that was sold during the federal government GES farm inputs.We were only allowed to buy 2 bags of NPK fertilizer with our registered card.A bag of fertilizer in the open market as of then was going for N8,000 while the subsidised fertilizer from the federal government was sold for between N4,000 – N5,000.Several smallholder farmers in the village register for the project but could not afford the fertilizer or the other materials givenAfter exhausting my slot, I pay some token to the farmers to use their card to buy more fertilizer cause I was running a supposedly big farmSupposedly cause my manager was quoting 20 acres of maize farm in place of 5 acres while I have several of such scattered around thenAll my maize farm was alloted several bags of fertilizer cause I have a target yield in mind……………………………………………………While the farm processes was going on, I attended a training through Novus Agro at IFDC ( International Fertilizer Development Centre) headquarter office at Abuja where we were taught fertilizer application#IFDC is an NGO that works with smallholder farmer to increase their productivity yield#Novus_Agro is an agricultural produce aggregators that link farmer to processorsGetting back to farm, my farm supervisor with the Togolese labourers I have then has applied the fertilizer to several of the maizeI informed them I will be joining them for the next fertilizer application session.OhhhhI exclaimed
When I saw the application processIt was quite different from what we have been taught at the trainingI took my time to explain the system I was taught to my farm supervisor and the Togolese labourers working with himMy farm supervisor said that’s how their fathers has been applying it and they were having great yield from the farmI didn’t want to be dictatorial because I know I can not apply it by myself and I need the work done.I was also an inexperienced farmer who has been relying on my farm supervisors guidance because I assume he was borne into the systemWe harvested 10 bags of maize from about supposedly 40 acres farm which I get to realise with time on the farm that it’s not up to 10 acresWhen I compared my harvest with the rural farmers that did not apply ferilizer, our performance ratio will be 1: 10 with me scoring 1Some of the rural farmers actually concluded that we the book farmer just love wasting money to purchase fertilizerMy corn size was smaller than theirs
My harvest was smallerAll because the fertilizer was wrongly appliedTo be continued
Battery lowLet me put it on fire
………………………………Note* I stopped using NPK some years back.
That’s after this story episode. I have been growing my crops with manure either from the poultry, cow and rabbit littersLesson Learnt* There is need to understand the farming system before committing fund so you won’t be at the mercy of this is how we have been doing it* Someone growing up in the village or rural setting do not mean that they are versatile in the farming system* Farming Profitably require some well guided practises or else one will just be wasting fund without getting any result#farmbae

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