Shaking The Yam Farming Sector

Let’s shake the yam farming sector

Last year my landlord planted 4,000 heaps of yam.

In normal productive situation which should include all good agricultural practises eg

Sufficient rainfall
Pest control
Soil management
Staking and trellising etc

He should be expecting to harvest minimum of 3 pick up full of yam. Pick up size is 3 tonnes.

Calculating his harvest last year, he manage to get a pick up of yam from the 4,000 heaps.

The sett in the picture here is for this year planting.

Several farmer hs gone to plant again.

What actually did they do differently to get a better yield in the coming year?

Absolutely nothing

As usual they have planted it for God. That’s always the saying.

They gamble with the farm.
And the farm will possibly still gamble with the farmers

They might get something to justify their effort at harvest and they might not get anything.

That has always be the rural farmers way

But what about you?

“Yam business is big business”

” You can make millions from cultivating yam”

So you ran to cultivate yam.

What exactly are you doing differently to get a different result from what the rural farmers have always been doing?

I believe yam cultivation can be very profitable if it’s done the right way

* Instead of the back breaking manual land preparation, someone can fabricate machinery just like the harrow and the ridgers that will work for yam

* Every crop require water to survive. Rain water is becoming extremely scarce. Rural farmers plant yam in wait for the rain.

I believe Irrigation will produce better yam yield

* Staking and trellising of the yam should be improve on

Like I keep shouting, agriculture is a culture that must be learned.

Yinka Adesola

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