Small is Definitely Profitable

Early last year, some participant at our training came to ask”Which NGO is sponsoring you?”I just laughed” Some Farmers in the village also approach me sometimes to know where I have been sourcing fund for the farm projects”But I have no answer”Some farmer in my area believe that the farm is for research project only”They call the farm “Oko Agric” meaning “Agric Farm”Someone once said..
“Is it not that 1 acre she is calling a farm”!!But then she managed a 25 hectare (100 acre) that is no more but the 1 acre farm is still surving and expandingLike all my preachings, it’s not how big big but how well.I got to farm with the “how big” mentality.I started uprooting every trees in my way.I spent so much producing nothing for several years.Jumping from cassava to corn to cotton to tomatoes to cucumber to pepper to soyabeans to whatever you can think of planting as vegetablesAnd eventually I realise our crop system are never going to be profitable.Its then I started changing gradually. Adopting the new system is not easy because the funds are no more there like the first time starting out.The raised bed method could be expensive starting out. But it’s definitely worth the effort.That’s how I become the agric preacher of starting small to gradually expandFarming is some techniques
A culture that require learningI learnt
Then I calm down.Working with the culture

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