Discrepancies in Land measurement terms

Let’s do some farm mathematics.
So many of us find it hard determining our land size and measurements.Especially those that stay in the rural area like us.My place use “Igba” meaning 200 heaps to make measurement when giving work to labourers.I recently ask a question on “Alapin” because that what some other area used in Ogun StateSome know “alapin” to be half plot
Some knows it to be “Igba”I am still confused myself on how many “Igba” make an acre.Acre is 4000 squared meter
It can be 100m x 40m = 4,000 squared meterCould be 80m x 50m = 4,000 squared meter.Every land area of 4,000 squared meter is an acre..And the question isHow many heaps equals #acre?#Heaps are #mould of soil raised up for plantingHeaps are of different sizes.
The big
The small
The medium
The smallestHow many heaps equals “alapin”?#Alapin is the measurements mostly use in Ogun StateHow many heaps make an “Igba”?#Igba means 200.
Every 200 heaps make an Igba
Igba is used in Oyo stateAnd from Ekiti we have
#sile_mewa meaning
Ten kobo or 10kSile mewa is one acreHow many Igba make an acre?Another unsolved question..

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