Planting Cassava Profitably

How can your cassava stem look like picture 1 here and you are expecting 30 tonnes per hectare?

How big will the tuber be with this kind of stems?

The biggest mistake most people that venture into cassava make is to have great yield expectations but put in less effort at production.

An average Nigerian farmer do not believe that cassava require supplementary nutrient.

” Every soil can grow cassava is the song they sing for you”

True that every soil can grow cassava just like every soil will not give you the same output

Great soil, good management gives you better result than when you grow on just anyhow soil.

But then some bloggers told you TME 419 will give you high yield. What they did not tell you is that it will only give you that yield with all good agricultural practise in place.

Compared picture 1 leaves with picture 2.

There is no need for a sooth sayer to know what is expected from the pictures.

Like I have been shouting, get your fact right before venturing into any form of crop production.

You will be saving yourself a tonnes of heart aches, time ache and most importantly fund ache

Yinka Adesola

Meanwhile 99% of Nigeria cassava farms are of picture 1.

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