Farming By Hearsay: How Profitable

The half baked, rural farmers has caused massive lost of fund to so many people with their proported exaggerated knowledgeMy experience on so many crops before I learnt.I had meant someone in the village that I need an expert on tomato farming to manage my farm for me.* One of my brother in law is extremely good in tomato farming. Infact she use to cultivate plenty acres and make plenty moneyThat information is enough for me. Even though as at that time the so called expert has not a single plant of tomato.He became my farm managerBy the end of the year, with 3 farm hands that collected 3 motorcycle, with several spendings we got nothing from the farm.I actually borrowed money to buy the 3 motorcycle for the guys………………I need someone to guide me through growing ewedu for dry season, another person volunteered to link me to another expert who has been making itI contracted him as external supervisor placed on salary.By the time the ewedu is ready, hiannnnn, Saki market women will be quieing Infront of your farm. He saidWe never harvest anything from the farm………….If you had planted corn instead of this yanmayanma ( not exactly what he called it) you are planting, you would have been smiling to the bank especially in this dry season.Ohhhh reallyI made so much money from the corn I planted with the late rain.You imagine I was making so so so amount every week…And I got deflated at the mentioned of what he make every week to quantify so much………………………….What I have learnt in all this* Don’t be easily get carried away with their proported money making on the farm. Some exaggerated for ego purpose while majority are speaking according to their level of financial maturityFor instance M20,000 monthly income to some people is some huge amount whereas it’s not up to what some other set spend on drinks per day* Most rural dwellers and farmers are only interested in the selling price and care not about the expenditures for the projectA poultry attendance is wowed by the quantity of egg crates sold per day at N1,000 to justify the employer is making so much but he or she is never bothered to know how much the owner has been sinking into that business before it reached that stage and how much he is still spending to keep it runningFunny enough the educated intending farmers tend to believe the exaggerated version of the rural farmers in their first phase of venturing into the farm until they find out otherwise

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