How is my farm doing?

A farmer would generally asked online while showing some beautiful corn pictureMy farm is growing fast..
Another farm will say while posing by his cropSome farmer will show video of very large expanse of land as the sign of being a successful farmerThen comes the series of congratulatory messages from friends and families online.Wowwwww
Bountiful harvest………………………You went to the Dr Issa to complain of headaches or stomach painDr Issa declared you as fit as fiddle by mere looking at your beautiful face and gallant strides when you approached himWithin you, you definitely know you are going through serious internal painHeadaches, stomach pains and other ailments that doesn’t have a physical outward detrimenting featureThe option is to seek for medical assistance somewhere else or insist that you are not internally fit…………………The same way by which a medical doctor can not declare you healthy and fit by merely looking at your picture or by just sizing you up physically can be likened to how you can’t declare the profitability success of a farm by the beautiful crop picturesThe fact that a farmer cultivated 100 hectares do not automatically mean he is succesful in farmingActually we preached that people try out farming with small portion before venturing into the big size hectares to minimise his lossHow do you expect someone that has never managed a one hectare farm successfully to run an 100 hectare farm profitably?Many people are on this table. They have the believe of the bigger the betterMajority of this cases ends up losing their funds in the process. That’s why we have so many abadoned farm business scattered aroundYou will be amazed if you get to know how much they must have sunk into such failed farm venturesDon’t always forget to pass any beneficial information that you get from this timeline cause you might be saving some other people from throwing away their hard earned resources thereby saving them great headaches and heartaches#farmsmartly

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