Why Practical Agribusiness Training Is Non Negotiable

“Why don’t you consider online practical trainings for people that may not have time?

We will consider that when we start cultivating food online.

Capital No.

We are not looking at that in the nearest future.

You are either a farmer or not.
You cant be part time farmer
You can’t be an internet farmer

Its absurd that Nigerians look for short cut to everything..

Later we keep shouting someone is scamming us.

With the so much request, I am almost tempted at times to start an internet training.

After all its their money.

I know several people that will readily pay to do online farm training.

But my question remain…

” Can you cultivate online?”

Call me old school…

But I believe there is nothing that can be compared to practical class.

So many online trainings for agriculture.

But I can bet it..
If you dare venture into farm with that, you will only have yourself to blame.

Farming is practical

Have you ever met a “medical doctor that learn and get his certificate online?

Will you allow such doctor attend to you?.

I keep telling people farmer are plant doctors.

You can learn how to take care of plant online.

But wait..

Who said you can’t..
May be soon we will be growing crop and harvesting online.

Technology keep advancing everyday.

One can never say no



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