Fake Sheabutter On The Prowl

Caught the boy’s picture hawking sheabutter at Ilorin yesterday afternoon.

There was no rain as of then
The sun was out

Several times I have been noticing Shea butter displayed in trays in the open too in so many places.

It’s common even in Lagos at Ikeja side

Shea butter is oil that has been locked to solidify in a cool temperature or environment.

The moment it feels a slight ray of light it began to melt to the liquid state.

Wondering why this is not melting despite hawking it in the afternoon sun…

There has been some theory that they mix it with candle wax..

It’s possible something else has been mixed with it too.

But one thing stand clear…
That Shea butter has been diluted.

It can not withstand any form of heat nor increase in temperature.

Sending sheabutter from our side involve us soaking empty carton in water then use it to wrap the package.

The heat will not reach the Shea butter until the thick carton got dried.

We are seriously killing ourselves in the name of money making.

Stop buying Shea butter by the roadside

To test for original Shea butter, expose it to the sun for 2 minutes.
It will turn to liquid.

Thank you

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