Sheabutter Purchasing In Bulk

“Before before
Love was between woman and man
But nowadays..
Money for hand
Back for ground”

Sir Shina Peter sings

Like wise before before, anyone can come to the village to take picture and make video coverage of women processing sheabutter.

For free
They will gladly welcome you
Accomodates you
And even feed you on top sef


Someone just call me to ask if I produce sheabutter
No I don’t

Sure I know how to produce sheabutter cause I have gone through the training

But it’s the women here that produce the bulk for sale

Do you know where they produce sheabutter in Saki?
Yes I know

Can you link us?
We want to buy

No problem

Actually we want to do a video coverage of where they are producing the sheabutter

We want to be selling for them
She said

That will be tough
Send me the detail of your organisation
What you stand for
What you do

Then I can pass to the women’s group to discuss if it’s okay with them

We just want to take video coverage and we will be buying
She reiterate

Buying sheabutter is a different ball game from doing video coverage

Many people usually come for video coverage and pictures which they take around to beg international bodies for grants and loans without anything getting to the real producers


Now I will have to explained to the women’s group who you are, what purpose you stand for, the essence of the video coverage

And I don’t know you
How do I do that?

I think she never expect something supposedly that simple to be so difficult

She hurriedly said her goodbyes







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