Adopting The Raised Bed System For Increased Yield

So we gradually turn our farm setting to raised beds.

I know I have written so much about raise beds and their advantage over the normal bed making system which we have been use to.

Our raised beds are 25m long and 1.6m wide.

With the above measurement, an acre of land will have 80 raised beds.

Using intensive crop growing system, a bed will have 5-6 rows of crops planted

Spacing the crop @ 30cm gives an average of 80 crop per row which equals 80*5 per bed

Which means every of the raised beds will be having 400 plants

Equating this to an acre size of land that has 80 raised beds will be …

  • plant per beds * no of beds=
    400 plants x 80 beds

Therefore an acre of 80 raised beds will have 32,000 plants stand.

Most acre expectation for plant population starts from 10,000 plant stand.

Remember plant population is one of your farm yield determinant

Smart dude will understand why its easy for Jean Fortier, the market Gardner to be netting so much on an acre farm per annum.

The advantage of using raised beds is that it allows one to maximise the potential of the land.

It clearly shows that with smaller size of land one can achieve a lot when the farm is properly surveyed

It saves enormous amount of water, manure and afford adequate use of material

Small_is_profitable is a slogan that every farmer and intending farmer must practise.

Yes. It could be strenuous considering the stress involve in making a proper raised bed.

But I can assure you its so worth the effort

I am awed and I have been awed ever since I read that Jean Martin Fortier make $100,000, (that’s Nigerian N36,000,000) ( @ $1 = 360) from an acre of land.

An acre of land is 100m*40m
Or let’s say 4,000sqm

And to think they work for only 9 months in a year.

The remaining 3 months are the farmers holiday.

  • Farming smart is the real deal

Like I earlier wrote, our team has embarked on that route

We have plenty space to accommodate smart dude that would love to be involve.

The sky is wide enough for everyone to fly

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