Agribusiness Practical Training Class

Farmer turns fashion designer.
I thought Tailor is outdated.
Yet I can not use seam mistress because we have seam master among us

Its always fun during the practical training class.

I won’t lie to you that its easy.
Its somehow stressful but fun.

Right here you see us working under the hot sun.

Reason for the Fulani hat
Almost everyone has theirs.

We are not planting but sewing the nets that will cover the seedlings.

Yes. The new ones that is yet to come out out.

Currently we have grasshopper invasion.

They have finished our cabbages. I will get the picture across.

To protect the incoming ones, we need to cover with mosquito nets.

Same mosquito net that you use

You see why we call it nursery..

It require essential care and management

And to think we will be feeding it water morning and night for the next 2 weeks.

Morning wetting before sunrise and evening wetting after sunset.

No two training section are ever the same with us

You have got to be there

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