Human Resources In Agribusiness Space

Some individual have several acres of farm land ranging from 100-500 acres laying idle.

Majority have the urge to put it to some agricultural use

But the sad part is “human management ” has been a great issue in Nigeria.

I have been thinking of how to go about it.

For anyone that can afford, I will suggest find a way to get water to the farm and lease it out in acres to intending farmer.

You then charge them for land use

Farmers will make use of it during the dry season and all year round.

You can get some unemployed youth to use the farm while you collect rents.

You can organise training and market for the participants.

It might be some stipend but the land will be productive

This way you are sure of what comes to you

They will put in effort because its their personal farm. They will want to get the best out of it

You would have save yourself the management headache.

Its a win win situation
Think about it




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