My Passion For Tayloring

Talking about skills.

I have learnt a lot by crook by hook.

I learnt to handle hammer and nail when the carpenter we call for our local greenhouse construction refused to show up half way to completing the job.

Meanwhile we have tomatoes in the nursery that are getting over due.

So I went to the market, bought hammer, all sizes of nails and whatsoever..

We got the job done.

The first greenhouse we constructed was shapeless. As in we did not get the correct shape.

But by the time we are on the 3rd one I have become and expert.

My plumbing work starts when each time I called the plumber, he might take 3 days before he showed up.

Sure its not his fault.
We don’t have plumbers around

So I will visit the plumbing shop.

I buy whatever is useful and the ones that are not useful. I buy in excess of what I need.

Infact some of what I have bought 3 years ago are just becoming useful on the farm now.

At first, I don’t know how to handle the gum.
All my jeans were getting stained

And plumber gums are not washable
But eventually I up my game

I passed the knowledge to all my students that care to learn.

I can’t remember calling plumber for any work in the last 3 years despite that we work with irrigation all the time

I should celebrate that..
Kudos to me and my team

Electrical fittings I learnt years back in Minna when we operate a pure water house.

There is no generator I can not kick start even the diesel manual whining ones.

I remember a concerned neighbour at Ago Amodu was asking who will help me start my generator when I was first staying alone.

Which generator?

I asked.

“I pass my neighbour”

I just smiled and thank her for her concern.

And then I was forced to start driving cabstar pick up when the driver abandoned the pure water vehicle he went to hawk with.

I called the mechanic to help me bring back the vehicle and I got myself trained

So I go out with 200 bags of pure water whenever any of the drivers then call in sick or playing their tricks.

I drive bus tooo

That was my first love
A Nissan Vanette

I can keep going on
I am proud to say I have skills
I advocate for skill learning

I have learnt to adapt myself to situation that arise.

My team know I dont have no in my dictionary.
I dare challenges
I take risk

And then I wondered what kind of youth are we churning out

And then it take a lot to impress me
And candidly we have a lot of unskilled people.

And before I forget
I am always regretting not learning how to cut and sew clothe.

I am still hoping one day, just one day I will have time to do that.

My clothe has been with the tailor that refuse to sew and still refuse to give me since a year ago.
Always begging me she will sew.

This guys mess up your work
Yet they keep shouting no job.

The certificate one are roaming the street
While work are crying for workers

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