Praying For The Rain

3 years ago when we were doing a group cucumber project.

We have been struggling with some form of emergency irrigation that we know little about

To say the project was hectic is such an understatement.

It was tough.

And then just like that, while on the farm one day, one heavy rain came.

We were so happy that rain has finally come.

The next day we came out with the remaining seeds and planted 5 more acres of cucumbers.

The first part we have been battling with is just 2.5 acres.

After 4 days the cucumber sprouted out.
We were happy

We will make the 5 million in 3 months..

We thought to ourselves.

And we keep waiting for rain.
The rain

Because we were all novice
We assume rain has started
We never budget any irrigation for the 5 acres.

Meanwhile farmer in the village has told me rain has not started.

But I told them it has rained twice, how can you say rain has not started for the year.

First week ::: No rain
Second week ::::: Cucumber died

5 good acres
Imagine the expenses

  • Bed making……
  • we ploughed, harrowed and ridge
  • Labours that plant
  • Those that sprayed etc

I remember to write this because someone said “Rain has come”

And I said No..
This is just some appetizer..

Rain proper will not start until April

Seasoned farmers will only start planting by April.
Though the soil is soft so we will run in making heaps and bed preparation

But except you have irrigation system at stand by, I will advise don’t put anything into the soil if you are in my kind of area.

Not that rain will not fall.
But the intervals will be spaced

Regions have more rainfall than each other.
What happen in my area might be quite different from yours

I know typical Northerners don’t expect rain until May.

It could be earlier sometimes

Just writing from my little experience on the farm




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