Written By A Concern Farmers Advocate

Dear Tunde,

The truth of the matter is that COLEACP has conducted years of research and has been involved in private sector led pro-active action to ensure ACP country farmers are not left behind.

Whilst other countries have been quick on the uptake of the support, Nigeria, as usual has been slow to believe in agriculture and is just waking up to the realities.

COLEACP has just organised another round of funding for the Fit For Market intervention program (2016-2020) with a budget of 25m euros, to provide much needed training support to the target Ftuit & Vegetable farmers (micro, small and medium) which includes Nigerian farmers, despite the EU pronouncement.

COLEACP is not an EU body.

It is actually a Civil Society Organisation dealing with private sector actors to ensure the small holder farmers are assisted to understand and embrace the tenets of good agricultural practice and then to help them access international markets.

Tunde, my dear brother,

I’m sure your organisation doesn’t really need this.

Once, the capacity of we the small holders has been built, we shall then appreciate the need to use your pack houses and other facilities.

In fact there will be enormous demand because most farmers who are now clued up will realise they need to store their products properly.

So let us encourage COLEACP to extend their “free” training to us and lower the bar to farmer capacity building.

For those who wish to pay higher through other channels – it’s a “free” world


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