Herdsmen Destroyed My Irrigated Farm

I wish like poisoning every cattle in my vicinity right now

Got to farm this morning to meet this destruction.
They passed by midnight and walked all over the irrigation drip tapes in the process destroying them

They possibly move in droves cause no part was exempted from the damages

The tomatoes and pepper nursery were trampled on killing the plant that we have been nursing morning and evening for 3 weeks

The okro bed I planted for personal consumption was eaten by the cattles

Every point the cattle hooves step on the tape automatically get punctured

And no one is ever responsible for this.
My team get to bear the cost

I can’t wait for Amotekun to kick off
Every cattle found roaming should be shot dead


Why would some idiot keep destroying our means of survival for no reason?

How do you encourage people to go to farm when the farm is not secured

Few days ago some idiots herdsmen went to my neighbours farm hut destroying everything with Cutlass.

The mud pot that is used for drinking water, the Jerry cans were all intentionally destroyed

For what we do not know

The same way they will enter into cassava farm that they did not plant to uproot for their cattles.

Report at the station, you will be asked to go bring the herdsmen.

You dare not leave anything on the farm for the fear of herdsmen taking them when they pass in your absence

They believe they owns the land
I have been pleading with them to employ me into Amotekun

At least if not for anything, I will protect my farm investment from herdsmen





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