The Fulani Herdsmen destruction

For the past 3 days, the Herdsmen had intentionally make my farm their passage

We deliberately have been staying very late on the farm, yet they will still trampled on the farm as soon as we leave.

The peppers that are about flowering have all been cut off by the cattles while the younger ones have been trampled on

My drip irrigation tapes are getting destroyed

I was at the station to lay complaints but off course I know what to meet before hand

“Go and catch the cattles or the herder”

Picture in your mind how a female farmer like me will run after a Fulani Herdsmen with Cutlass/sword or gun to catch him for the police.

It’s not funny

So they keep destroying my irrigated farm for as long as I don’t get one to catch.

Catching them is still not a guarantee of prosecution cause

What exactly is the assurance that I will ever catch any?

I pray the state government come to farmers aid by restricting free grazing by Herdsmen in our area.

Majority of us are farmers
That’s our means of survival

Please I plead with you to restrict the advice that tells me to stop farming.






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