There have been great demand from us for farm managers that has passed through our mandatory 3 months practical class.


We have been getting good feedback from farm owners where we have some of our past trainees working

Several vacancy are currently available for farm managers of which we don’t have candidates to take up the job placement

Perhaps you are an aunty, uncle, father and mother that have one graduates or the other roaming the street in search of job, we need you to push them here in the hope that they might be able to discover their passion for agribusiness

Please note that we only have jobs for successful candidates that has the zeal and which allow us to build that skill

Not everyone that passed through the system have the passion to sustain the system. Hence we look out for some qualities that can only be found in a potential farm manager

Hence not every participant ends up getting the job placement based on their performance.

Definitely we also take our time to explain to the denied participants why we may not give them the available job placement

We are getting good recommendation from our clients because we select the best out of the best to go and represent us at their various working place.

Presenting an incompetent candidates will surely dent the image that we have been building over the years

But trust us to always fulfill our promises






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