Sheabutter Out Of Season

We are in that season when several people are searching for sheabutter

I have been receiving several call of people in need of unrefined sheabutter.

Many people can testify to the quality of sheabutter that we have in our hood here.

A 3.6kg is currently selling for N4,500

Because we are in the scarce season
Sheatree produces sheanut which is used to make sheabutter

The tree fruits once in a year and that’s when the nuts are picked to be stored or sold at a later date or time

The less the sheanut become in circulation, the expensive the sheabutter is until another harvesting season

The new nuts are not immediately available for use cause they need to go through some boiling and drying processes.

2- 3 months after the harvesting is when the sheabutter becomes bountifully available for the masses and the price comes down

Why do I need to to explain this?

Several people have been saying the sheabutter is expensive

I understand there will be people that sell diluted sheabutter as original.

They could afford to sell at lower cost
What we have from our hood is quality Shea

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