After The Lock out, What Next With Food Production?

Perishable crop Farmers and the effect of COVID 19 locked down

Perishable food crops price has automatically dropped down because the buyers and sellers of perishable goods have no access to markets

Some farmers will end up throwing up their produce due to lack of buyers at this period eg tomato farmers and sellers

What happened after the lock out?

There will be scarcity of food crops, especially perishable crops for farmers

There will be price hike cause the few available crop will have plenty demand from the masses

The city’s will be starved of foodstuff cause the farmers will be offered better price withing and in their community

And farmers?

A. The bad news

Most that would have incurred lost would be discourage to produce another cause they don’t know till when the lock out might be

The ones that want to produce might not have the financial resources to produce cause they couldn’t recover from previous lost

B. The good news

Farmers that have adopted all year round farming will continue to have produce for the market.

The produce they have will start commanding high price because there will be shortage of food crop in circulation.

The best time to be a productive farmer would be after the locked down.

Imported goods will not be coming in for every country will be struggling to survive

Everyone will have to look inward to the productive and not the internet farmer


They will need to pay more attention to real farmers that are producing food stuff and not the usual way that it’s been run before

Governments and private who can invest should look into storage facilities for perishable goods

Hunger is definitely knocking the doors

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