Mode of food produce supply to Lagos and Ibadan

Below is how the weekly food supply will work

  • You send you food list / need to WhatsApp no 08064688501
  1. We check the list and quantity with the farmer that have it and get back to you with the price details
  2. Transport fee to Lagos will be factored.
    Transport is determined by the size of food purchase
  3. You make payment if the price and quantity is okay with you
  4. We package and label the food according to customer’s demand and payment
  5. We informed you and send SMS as the goods is on its way to Lagos
    Thursday and Friday’s is the choose date
  6. The delivery van/driver deliver at Iyana Ipaja for customers pick up at the collection point.
    Saki park at Iyana Ipaja
  7. The process is repeated every week

Food list to be delivered are….

Yam / water Yam
Yam flour Elubo / grinded / ungrinded
Cassava flour Elubo funfun
Maize or Corn
Gari. Yellow / white
Peppers / Chilli / Todo/ Somebody
Locust bean / iru / fresh / dried
Egusi / shelled / unshelled

Please add your list

Yinka Adesola
WhatsApp 08064688501

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