Challenges Of Moving Food Stuff To The City

So I sneaked into Lagos last week.
Or let’s say I was close to Lagos.

Since I know the rule that only foodstuff vehicles should be allowed to free pass, I opt to go along with one of the food stuff delivery driver.

The vehicle was loaded with food stuff.
Yam flour
Cassava flour
Gari and nothing else

Saki to Alaga going towards Ado Awaye was what I will call a smooth ride.

The police as usual collects their regular N100 at every stop.

And then the real journey starts.

Then the price increases as we pass Ado Awaye.
N200 for the “regular police” or your vehicle will be towed to the station.

You know what that means. ..
N10,000 or more for the sharing network will be more

SARS team officers illegal road fee start from N500 per spot.

The miitary men are not left out.
The driver need to park the vehicle then go and settle the officers under the tree where they collecting fresh air.

At some point we met a team of policemen by the road side with a stand by generator set to power the collection point by night.


The dedicated illegal collectors

I learnt they stay all night.
Collecting illegal fees

Is it not N100?
How much is N500

But you will be surprised what we spent settling the force men on the road.

I was able to add up go N8,300 before I dropped while the driver continue to Lagos

He will still spend more before getting to where he will drop the goods in Lagos

Off course the money you pay is according to the size of your vehicle.
Bus driver’s will pay more.

At some places we tried negotiate lower fee with the police.
Some by begging
Some will agree
Majority will insist on what they will collect and the driver must pay


  • No overloading…
  • Vehicle papers are complete
  • Driver’s licence is up-to-date
  • ID card handy

None of the above is any criteria considered.
Nobody ask for it
You must shaaaa drop pay


Covid19 is indeed a brisk business making opportunities for the force men at the expenses of food suppliers

An 18 seater bus load to Lagos from Saki that use to be N60,000 before COVID19 is now N80,000 for full load.

Before COVID19, about 30 bus load daily move both passenger and goods to Lagos.

During Covid19, the movement are restricted to food stuff but we still have nearly 10 buses going out to Lagos with foodstuff daily


The force men collects more fee when the good being moved is perishable goods.

Off course they know you are in hurry to get to the market.

They will intentionally delay the vehicle if you refuse to settle


Jamb question

  • If a small vehicle driver spent N10,000 per trip for police settlement and the bus are spending between N15,000 – 18,000 per day

Calculate how much illegal revenue that the police are collecting on the road everyday per month per annum

  • What if the government legalise the illegal collection so we can have uniform payment all through and we will avoid the incessant time wasting on the road
  • Is it that none of the “oga at the top” is ever aware of all this illegal collections and plenty of their force men on the road?


Many people believe that the force men road side collectors are sent to the road by the so called “oga at the top”

Some even said the force men road side collectors have target collection to meet up given by the “oga at the top”


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