Farming Is Not How Big Buy How Well

“How many hectares do you cultivate?
He asked

1 hectare was my reply

1 hectare? He repeated after me.

Yes sir. I replied

‘ How can they be calling you a farmer when all you cultivate is just one hectare compared to people like us that is cultivating 30hectares’

He didn’t have to say it out.
You can feel it in his countenance

It’s irrigation farming sir. The person beside me chirped in to assured him I was actually o can be called a farmer with just my one acre

But he lost the interest already.
For as far as he is concerned a one hecatre farm did not quantify someone to be called a farmer.

We are on the table. He said
Signalling to me to join the party.

I politely declined.
I was actually at the guest house to get accommodation for my visitor

Baba as he is called has been around for going to 2 years as of the time we have this conversation

I have heard so much about him but that was the first time we will be meeting

He had come from the city to the rural side to cultivate maize or what some other people reffered to as corn

He rented a large hectarage of land just as every other person coming to farm for the first time always do based on the calculation given to them by the city consultant who farmed on paper


From one hectare of maize cultivation you will harvest 10 – 20 tonnes when you use hybrid seed, the consultant must have informed them

And by calculation a kilogram of maize will not sell less than N50.
Even at times it bet to N100 per kg.
Said the so called consultant

The city farmers then bring out their calculators
N50 x 10,000 = N500,000

If an hectare of maize can give me N500,000, why cultivating just one hectare?

So they do not just rent 10 hectares but 30 hectares to cultivate corn.


As I write, baba is out of the farm after spending so much on his large hectarage of land.

He incurred so much loss trying to cultivate maize in the space of 2 – 3 years.


I know he can not survive in the farm since the first day we met from the first statement.

“How many hectares”

Farming is not how big, but how well


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