Forced Fruit Ripening

To get fruits like mangoes, bananas and apples that ripened naturally is a miracle.

Most are ripened with dangerous substances like carbide.

Few days ago some women came for this my landlord mango infront of my house.

“It’s not ripe yet… I said

That’s how we use to buy it.. she replied.

Ok. It sparks

They will buy to fast ripen with carbide..
Some people are about to be poisoned again. I though within.

I put a call to my landlord who is yet to be back from the farm

Someone want to buy your mango.while the women were waiting

A call came in for her.

Warp (Agbon) has stung his son where he was shaking another mango tree they have just bought somewhere.

They usually climb to shake the trees so the mango harvest is done once. Every mango on the tree get plucked whether ripe or not.

Courtesy of the almighty ripener, carbide and the rest

I will be back
She left for the other side

My landlord showed
How much do they offer to buy?

I didn’t ask oooo. I said

But how much do you think they can buy the mango? I asked

Maybe N1,000
Highest offer can not be more than N3,000


Not sure we will sell.

People in the community have been waiting for the mango to ripen.

Let them enjoy it

I am glad you are not selling. I told him

Because of the carbide ripening. He said

I have been silently thinking of how many people will get poison from this mango

Though I know they will sure get it somewhere else.

I am sure glad is not this

Why did you think there is sudden increase in the incidence of cancer affecting people?

There is so much poison going around as food, most especially fruits and vegetables.

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